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Lamborghini Aventador Supercar

According to Lamborghini 0-62 mph comes up in 28 seconds and the top speed is 221 mph. It still has a mid-engined naturally aspirated 65 liter V12 engine with 730 horsepower.

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90 sec Top Speed.

Lamborghini aventador supercar. Top Speed Lamborghini Aventador Adaptive Valvetronic Stainless Steel Exhaust OBD II Remote LP700-4LP720-4 2012-2016 699999 Add to cart. 65L Naturally Aspirated V12 Power. 507 lb-ft 5500 rpm 0-60 mph.

The first image of the Ultimae just popped up on the Lamborghini. More performance more. Lamborghinis New Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Will Be Its Last Production V-12 New for the 2022 model year the Raging Bulls 12-cylinder flagship finale borrows from.

Of course the ultimate version had to be special. Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. The Aventador Ultimae also marks the end of the brands naturally-aspirated V12 combustion.

July 7 2021 First Look. However these supercars werent out together for a drive. Intip sederet Inovasi Lamborghini Aventador.

Httpsamznto2ZspkpSMy Social Media Links S. 65L Naturally Aspirated V12 Power. 88 sec Top Speed.

4 Inovasi yang Ditanamkan Pada Lamborghini Aventador. The power is sent to all four wheels using a 7-speed ISR transmission. It isnt clear if the two drivers knew each other but it can be assumed the cars were matching for a reason.

The Aventador SVJ is powered by a 65 litre naturally aspirated V12 engine that generates 770 bhp and 720 Nm of peak torque. 507 lb-ft 5500 rpm 0-60 mph. The authoritative independent source for Ferrari Lamborghini McLaren and Porsche real market analytics and VIN based data.

We can now confirm that the car is actually called the Lamborghini Ultimae and it will be officially revealed on June 7 2021. The Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae will be limited to 600 units including 350 coupes and 250 roadsters. The new Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae is the latest of a series of 12-cylinder Lamborghini supercars stretching all the way back to the 1966 Miura which is.

This is how the first model of the Lamborghini Huracán was born. Berbekal penggunaan komponen tersebut maka nobot yang dihasilkan adalah hanya seberat 2295 kilogram. Discover technical specifications dimensions performance and the detailed features of all the new Lamborghini Aventador models.

A supercar family that has already become a legend in its own right. 217 mph The entry level Aventador is now known as the Aventador S. As a result our real-time solutions maximize values on the purchase and sale of exotic cars.

We are innovative proprietary applications which replace the out dated. Our daily market updates create real market knowledge for buyers sellers enthusiast and collectors. From our past weve learned perfection.

730 hp 8400 rpm Torque. Recently a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ was listed in the used car market and it was available for Rs 575 crore. The Aventador is one of the living examples of Ferrouccios dream made into reality.

After 10 years the Lamborghini Aventadors run has come to an end. Indeed few cars have aged as well as Lamborghinis mid-engined V12-powered supercar at least when it comes to appearances so well fully admit that were glad to see that the final version of the old-school purely V12-powered Lamborghini distills the classic Aventador looks down to perhaps their purest form yet. Until recently weve been referring to this supercar as the final Aventador.

Thanks to Ferruccios radical imaginations for what a supercar should be Lamborghini made a number of iconic supercars that were not only fast but also extraordinarily exquisite. The infotainment system feels like it is a decade old the gearbox is clunky and horrible and. 29 sec 0-124 mph.

The Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae will be the supercars final iteration after which a new flagship will succeed it. Lamborghini Aventador menjadi model pertama yang menampilkan penggunaan serat karbon pada monokok mereka. 217 mph It is hard to objectively justify the 467k price of the Aventador S Roadster.

Hey Car Guys Hit Like Subscribe Hit The Bell Icon To Join The Notification SquadMy Camera Gear. 30 sec 0-124 mph. Being the final expression of the flagship supercar the LP780-4 borrows design cues from the Aventador S while offering the performance of the SVJ.

So Lambo has dialled the engine to 780 hp and 531 lb-ft. Fate brought the matching pair of yellow Lamborghini Aventadors together that day and not in a good way. 730 hp 8400 rpm Torque.

Lamborghini Aventador S 2017 Present Base price. The Aventador Ultimae is powered by the 65-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine that weve seen on previous iterations of the supercar. On a mild June afternoon the drivers of two yellow Lamborghini Aventador supercars went out for a drive in Singapore.

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