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Bkp Engine Problem

BKP is a 140TDi 16v variant. Not all BKP engines had the variable manifold and the metal one was also prone to failure and has had to be upgraded.

Volkswagen Passat Bkp Pd How To Replace Vacuum Fuel Pump Gasket 2006 Youtube

Some weeks later the boss says to me change the crank sensor it is faulty according to his scanner Bosch KTS latest platform.

Bkp engine problem. Hello friendI have a problem with my 20 BKP engineit smoke under load black gray blueI have test the turbo with vcds its very good no boost leak nothingI have remove my catalytic converternew timing belt new oil every thing is newin first gear when i drive it jerks a litle bit. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Im at my whits end with this car.

The only noise is from a. Ryn079 Location Offline Senior Member Reputation. Vw PASSAT 20 TDI Montaže glave motora Video.

Unfortunately mine is a basic spec and I want to fit cruise control. Bkp non starter. Its got pressure or more perhaps a lack of at idle as the warning light comes on at just over 1800rpm.

What i have also noticed is when the engine is about to cut out i can feel the fuel tank pump shudder. Its worst when little force on the engine. Engine starting but stalling immediately.

The engine now makes a rattlingpecking noise when driving. Check your vacuum system. Immobilizer Warning Lamp ON.

There is plenty of diesel in the tank not to cause any problems. After plastic manifold broke on a 07 Passat 20 TDI with a BKP engine I replaced the intake manifold with an earlier version aluminium manifold without the swirl flaps. I have tried search but nothing comes up maybe my search-fu is weak Ive a 2008 Passat B6 wagon with a BKP 20 TDI.

- Injector 1 circuit open or shorted - Injector 1 circuit poor electrical connection - Faulty injector 1 Test it and keep us updated. I have no problem with Bosch just the man operating it. Hello I am asking for advice because checking the VCDSem engine I encountered two sporadic errors which are repeated from time to time I bought 5 months ago a VW Passat b6 with 20 TDI engine marked BKP 140 HP engine so it is only freshly known.

Variable valve train VVT with a camshaft adjuster Bosch CRS 2-20 2000 bar common rail injection system cylinder pressure control a modular close-coupled aftertreatment. Instrument Cluster not matched. Engine Control Module ECM Power Supply faulty.

I asked the boss when the engine was cranking was the rev counter needle moving at all he said yes so I said forget the crank sensor and move on. - Engine Light ON or Service Engine Soon Warning Light Possible causes. I have a 2007 VW Passat 20 TDI 140 HP Engine code BKP.

Engine Control Module ECM not matched. If while driving engine it stops and starts hardly there may be a problem with the fuel supply. Now the car has around 105ks.

In fact according to the workshop manual the BKP isnt even supposed to have the optimised intake air swirl system and I have seen late cars without and early cars with and when checked with TPS on their system it emphatically said the car should not have it. For this engine tandem pump rarely makes problems. This car had problems going into limp mode and though it was related to the manifold leak but after doing the replace there is still some trouble where it goes into limp mode.

Any help suggestions etc would be much appropriated. Saturday 11th February 2012. Video prikazuje zamenu gumica ventila na glavi motora i montažu glave motora na blok motra kod Vw Passat-a 20 TDI 16V BKP.

Almost like it is picking up air or air is been pushed back into the pump from the return pipe. Malfunction Indicator Lamp MILK83 active. I can work out the long coding for the steering module but Im having trouble getting a long coding list for the engine.

It is a family of 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder diesel engines featuring modular diesel engine system MDB Modularer Dieselmotorbaukasten with dual-loop EGR system with high pressure EGR and a cooled low-pressure EGR loops. 01052019 Mladen 0 Popraviti automobil Video Volkswagen VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 20 TDI 16V BKP. Vacuum leaks on these engines can cause odd symptoms sometimes -- if the leak is relatively small it can cause turbo control system malfunctions at lower RPM that go away when the vacuum pump is spinning faster.

Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer - Intermittent Possible Cause. Common problem are injectors you must detach one by one electrical connectors and see if it starts even there is no.

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