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Engine Duty Cycle

The IEC Duty Cycle ratings are different from those of that of NEMA. The duty cycle is very important when it comes to understanding how a reciprocating air compressor functions by cycling on and off.

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This is of concern since these engines must perform in all environments.

Engine duty cycle. Tp Heating period. As a result the duty cycle frequently determines the required motor size for a given application. The Duty cycle is the ratio of time on a circuit when the load is ON compared to the time when the load is OFF.

The ratio between the run time and the rest time is the duty cycle rating which helps you understand how the compressor will operate and if it will fulfill your air needs when sizing a compressed air system. Throughout the respective duty cycle. Duty cycle Cyclic duration factor The intensity of heating is given by the duty cycle or cyclic duration factor.

Load factor typical operational hours per year and typical full power operation hours. Unless otherwise specified the duration of the duty cycle will be 10 minutes. The table below lists the nine IEC duty cycles and their individual characteristics.

The recommended values of CDF are 15 25 40 and 60. While NEMA specifies continuous intermittent or special duty typically expressed in minutes cycles for AC motors the IEC uses nine different duty cycle designations according to IEC 60034-1. Pada Gambar 7 terdapat gambar.

For example in an application where a specific speed-torque point is required but the duty cycle is for 6 seconds every minute a smaller motor may work for the application in comparison to the motor required for continuous operation. Pada Gambar 5 nilai duty cycle adalah 50. It also was based on engines.

Sequential identical run and rest cycles with constant load. The Federal Test Procedure FTP Heavy-Duty Transient Cycle is used to certify heavy-duty diesel engines in the United States1 It was derived from data that are now 3 decades old. As the duty cycle has a critical role in the component and engine life the combined effects of temperature with the duty cycle and in cylinder pressures is not yet known.

Motors using this duty cycle adapt to constant load. Temperature rises fast during the operation and quickly reaches its limit. Rentang waktu ON pulse width sama dengan rentang waktu OFF.

The final example of motor duty cycle is continuous operation with electric braking. According to this standard S2 duty rating is short time duty. Basically it is measured in percentage that what percent of the load is ON compared to OFF-load.

The motor works at a constant load but not long enough to reach temperature equilibrium. To date there have not been any research. This type of duty cycle is abbreviated as S7 followed by the moment of inertia of the motor and load J m and J L.

The FTP represents behavior in vehicles from the 1970s some of which had gear ratios limiting maximum vehicle speed. Electric Motor Duty Cycles The IEC 60034 standard defines the electric motors standard duty cycles. The duty cycle of an engine is defined as the history of speed and load conditions over which the engine operates in a specific application.

Bandingkanlah antara Gambar 5 Gambar 7 dan Gambar 8 berikut ini. Meskipun juga dapat ditampilkan seperti pada persamaan yang kedua. Duty cycle umumnya diukur dalam persen seperti pada persamaan pertama.

The term duty defines the load cycle to which the machine is subjected including if applicable starting electric braking no-load and rest de-energized. Understanding the transient on-road diesel engine duty cycles has been one of major goals for the engine developers. It is defined as the ratio of the heating period to the sum of heating period and rest cooling period.

We can say that the Duty cycle is the measure of the systems active time. The rest periods are long enough for the motor to reach ambient temperature. However all manufacturers use the same 3 determinants to classify each rating.

This cycle includes a sequence of starting constant load and electric braking. There is no rest and de-energizing period Figure 36. CDF N NV where N operation under rated conditions V operation on no-load and q t temperature rise attained during one duty cycle.

Additionally there is not time during the operation for rest. All diesel marine engine manufacturers have a duty-cycle rating classification system complete with their own terminology. Temperature equilibrium is never reached.

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