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Review Of Porsche 944 Engine Swap 2022

Review Of Porsche 944 Engine Swap 2022. 944 turbo engine weighs 431 lbs & produces 217 hp. (three power stages available for.

Motor Werks Racing Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 2 — Motor
Motor Werks Racing Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 2 — Motor from

This keeps the weight balance and one of the unique features of the car. The basic swap kit costs $1,399 and the complete kit costs $4,995. The cool thing about the ls engines are that the 4.8/5.3 /6.0 v8 family truck engines all mount up.

The 924/944 Series Models Have A 4 Cylinder Slanted Engine Mated To A Driveshaft (Torque Tube) And Then To A Transaxle In The Rear Of The Car.

Both the adapter plate and flywheel will come with a hardware package. I'm not certain what clutch is used but probably porsche ($$). The porsche 944 is a sports car manufactured by german automobile manufacturer porsche from 1982 to 1991.

So Rather Than Fixing The Engine He Decided To Perform An Engine Swap Where A Foreign Engine, One From A Completely Different Vehicle, Is Adapted To Work With The Porsche Torque Tube.

It'll fit, and there's a lot of info available on getting massive power out of those engines. The swap is 50pts and the intake is 25pts. (the point of this swap is that the 07k is rated at 150hp but with after market intake you get 210hp).

Join Us In Our Forum And Meet Up With Other 944 Owners Where You Can Chat And Swap Tuning Ideas For Your Car.

Once you cam, springs, and power adder. The nice part about the available information on the v8 swaps for the 944/951 means that the same basic techniques can be used to mate a donor bellhousing to the torque tube and the audi transaxle. Repairing a porsche engine is not cheap, no sir.

But.not Fast Unless 3.0 Or Turbo Form.

This 1988 porsche 944 is for sale in sugar grove, illinois for $12,800 obo or trade. Do it once, do it right and enjoy! Porsche prices rule out these conversions on lesser cars with the engines costing around £1200 for a 3.0 (211 hp) and 2k for a turbo (220/250hp) i know some engines are cheaper on ebay, but after you have the ecu.

You Need To Use The 450Pts 944.

What's more, the porsche engines had a limit as to how high horsepower and torque numbers could go reliably. I'd suggest getting a 1.8l audi motor and a big turbo. The cross member, power steering rack, and vacuum brake booster can be kept in their original locations.



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