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Famous Cadillac Paint Job Price References

Famous Cadillac Paint Job Price References. This way the color will be consistant if repairs are needed. Mar 13, 2011 #10 g.

Car Paint Job Prices Wheelzine
Car Paint Job Prices Wheelzine from

Extras like racing stripes, metal flakes, and caramel coat colors add to that price tag. $5k for an escalade bc/cc job is dirt cheap (even at a maaco). Turnover was about 2 weeks.

Numbers I’ve Read Seems The Mexican Paint Jobs Cost About Half The Rate Here.

Date (recent) price(highest first) price(lowest first) on page. $11,200 for a proper job on one of these cars is not out of line at all. Metallic finishes cost $13,900, pearlescent paint costs $24,800, but if you wanted the candy colors, apple red or sweet mandarin, then you would be adding $63,300 to the $2,800,000 base price.

Turnover Was About 2 Weeks.

You can get a really good paint job with wet sanding, etc. Would you know what the average price would. $5k for an escalade bc/cc job is dirt cheap (even at a maaco).

Full Baking Treatment, Newest Paint Tech W/Pearl.

Repainting the hood and touching up door dings should range from $200 to $1000. What quality paint are they using? The project took six weeks to complete and added over 200 pounds to the car’s overall weight.

There Is A Standard Cost Range Of $1,000 To $4,500.

Discussion starter · #3 · jan 19, 2006. Most body shops will not allow a stranger to prep a car, they don't want to be liable for the finished results. Write review and win $200 + + review + sell car.

I'm Looking At Having It Painted The Same Color It Is Now.

I have a few customers that have had their escalade's repainted from mild to wild, i know one guy with a nice paint job paid about $5500, i have another customer. Unfortunate but true, i'll be laying down 3 coats of base and 7 coats of candy to get the color right so materials are going to run roughly $5k. New posts new resources latest activity.



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