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The Best Acura Engine System P2646 References

The Best Acura Engine System P2646 References. Look up the other obd ii trouble codes, please use the search box. When your car's 'acura mdx p2646 check engine' light comes on, it's usually accompanied by a sinking feeling in the pit.

VTEC Problem P2646 2005 Honda CRV Part 2 YouTube
VTEC Problem P2646 2005 Honda CRV Part 2 YouTube from

Hey guys, to give you a brief history. My check engine light came on recently, the code is p2646. The vtec system controls the variable valve timing in your tl.

When The Pressure Is Lower Than The Solenoid, The Check Engine Light Will Come On And You’ll Get P2646.

It uses the rocker arm oil pressure switch to monitor the pressure of this system. Most auto repairs shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour. If the ecm detects that the system isn’t working properly, it will set a dtc (diagnostic trouble code) and illuminate the mil (malfunction indicator lamp).

The Cost Of Diagnosing The P2646 Acura Code Is 1.0 Hour Of Labor.

P1253 acura vtec system malfunction; Now all i get is the check emission, and on the navi it says p2646 and the message says something about acceleration rpms not getting enough or something along those lines. What causes the p2646 code?

Dtc P2646 Is Defined As “Rocker Arm Actuator A.

The vtec system activates the rocker arm oil control solenoid (vtec solenoid valve) by command from the engine control module (ecm)/powertrain control module (pcm), and it charges/discharges the hydraulic circuit of the vtec mechanism that switches valve timing between low and high. The oil passages are clogged or the oil pressure is not up to specifications. The vtec system controls the variable valve timing in your mdx.

Taking Your Car Into A Shop Will Cost You Around $200 Depending On The Car.

P1258 acura vtec system malfunction; The scan tool will display all the trouble codes. Acura check engine light may come on.

Look Up The Other Obd Ii Trouble Codes, Please Use The Search Box.

The audi doesn’t have a p2646 code in its dtc list. Press the read code button present on the tool menu of the code reader or scanner. 2008 acura mdx w/ tech package // nimbus gray // ebony leather.

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